The Scholarships

Australia Scholarship: Paid work placement that meets requirements of the employer (during your scholarship course), up to the amount of $1000 including superannuation.

The scholarships that Australia Scholarship offers do not consist of cash payments or any other form of credit transfer or reimbursement. Students granted a scholarship at Australia Scholarship will be offered enrolment (payment of full tuition fee before commencement of course required) as well as a work placement at an arranged company, with total earned wages and superannuation (at the end of the work placement) up to the amount of the scholarship described in the category of offer. Work placements are usually marketing and/or administration positions and wage rates are based on Awards explained ( The duration of the work placement is determined by dividing the scholarship amount by the appropriate award wage rate and including the superannuation amount. As required by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, students granted permission to study are permitted to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week ( It is the student’s responsibility to abide by the Australian Government regulations and requirements. In case of any differences in the provisions outlined in this website with the Australian Government regulations and requirements in any way and at any time, the Australian regulations and requirements prevail. It is the student’s responsibility to check for valid and up-to-date information and work permit in Australia at any given time. Should any regulation changes, during this scholarship period or at any time, affect the student’s situation in receiving or benefiting from this scholarship offer, Australia Scholarship does not accept any responsibility in offering a replacement or exchange scholarship or any other offer for this matter.
The company providing the work placement will expect satisfactory work progress from scholarship holders. Therefore, the company will have the right to terminate the agreement should scholarship holders perform unsatisfactorily during the work placement. Australia scholarship provides work placement only once and is not responsible for any more placement. If the hosting Australian organisation ceases operation or loses its core business and as the result to that are no longer able to host the scholarship recipients for paid work, Australia Scholarship Pty Ltd and the hosting company would not be taken accountable. The work offer will be on a casual basis and students must provide required documents to the employer before receiving a job offer. It is up to the employer to review the documents and provide the job offer based on the employer requirements and needs.

The scholarships do NOT cover:

  • Student visa application and processing fees or any other visa related expenses
  • Travel expenses to and from your country of origin, and within Australia
  • Living expenses in Australia (including accommodation, food, internet, medical, insurance, legal and any other personal expenses)

The allocation of scholarships at Australia Scholarship is merit-based and is the collective responsibility of a judging panel. Decisions made by the panel are final and not open to appeal. All applicants are required to submit a written assessment as part of the first stage of selection. Candidates successful in this first stage are then required to participate in a telephone/online interview. Not all applicants who suibmit a written assessment will progress to the interview stage. Interviews will be conducted in English and will run for approximately 10 minutes per candidate. Topics covered may include, but are not limited to: academic history, interests, hobbies, and motivations for studying in Australia.

The award of a scholarship does not guarantee a visa to Australia. It is the applicant’s responsibility to investigate student visa requirements before applying for this scholarship. Successful applicants must proceed with their student visa application accordingly.

Please be advised that it is your responsibility to have sufficient funding to study in Australia. For example for Assessment Level 3 Countries:
The Scholarship is only a supplement and you may not wish to use it as provision of enough funding for your studies in Australia.