How to apply

1)      From our homepage choose a course we are offering scholarships for. You are then required to get a valid      Letter of Offer from the institution offering that course (there may be some fee involved and it is your responsibility to check with the institution).

2)      Complete our online Australia Scholarship Application Form and pay the Australia Scholarship application fee*

3)      You will be sent the written assessment package by email

4)      Complete the written assessment component of your application and return it by email

5)      If successful in your written assessment, you will be contacted to arrange a phone/online interview

6)      All unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email

The application fee required depends on the date on which the application is submitted. Please refer to the following table for details.

Date of Application Submission

Application Fee (Australian Dollar)

Before 1-Oct-2013


Before 1-Nov-2013