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23 scholarships planned for 2013

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Here at Australia Scholarship, we recognise the importance of engaging in quality education. We also recognise how financially demanding it can be to further your education abroad. Australia Scholarship's mission is to grant students from developing countries the opportunity to study in Australia and gain local workplace experience by providing paid work placements up to the amount of the scholarship.

Diploma courses available to scholarship recipients in 2013:

Diploma of Accounting
Diploma of Human Resources Management
Diploma of Business
Diploma of Management
Diploma of Project Management
Diploma of Marketing
Diploma of Tourism
Diploma of Hospitality
Diploma of Website Development

Total cost to complete the above courses (excluding scholarship) is priced at approximately $8000. This figure is not indicative of exact cost of each course; for more information on exact pricing of courses please contact us.

The unforgettable experience of studying in Australia is stimulating and unique. If you dream of being immersed in the vibrant and modern atmosphere of Sydney and have a strong desire to further your education in a dynamic and motivating environment, apply now for one of our scholarships at Australia Scholarship. The scholarships that we offer at Australia Scholarship in 2013 are granted by means of a paid work placement at an arranged company. See here for details on our scholarship categories.

Australia Scholarship is planning to offer up to 23 scholarships in 2013 to students from selected countries. We are excited to begin our third round of scholarship offers for course commencement in 2013 and first round of scholarship offers for course commencement in 2014! Click here for more information on eligibility and how to apply.

Australia Scholarship is currently seeking expressions of interest from education providers to join the Australia Scholarship cause and promote their institution on our website. Conditions apply, please contact the office for details


and Advanced Diploma courses available to scholarship recipients